Shower Enclosures

Tired of looking at that ugly shower curtain?
We can help with a new glass enclosure.
Enclosures come in different styles, finishes, and of course prices.
There are enclosures for tubs and showers.

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We do custom mirror applications also. From simple vanity mirrors, to mirror walls, to mirror-glass shelf stack systems.

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Glass Shelves

We also offer glass in other forms.
Have wooden shelves in a built-in case or cabinet?
Having problems getting lighting to all shelves?
Replace the shelves with glass.

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We are Leaders in Tampa Bay Enclosures

I realize there are quite a few glass companies in the Tampa Bay area to choose from.
So what makes you want to use us? We listen to customer feed back.

  • First, design help. We are willing to help in designing your shower layout.
    We work with your contractor, your interior designer, or with you, the homeowner.
  • Second, we don't keep regular shop hours.
    We aren't closed for the weekend. We don't close at 5 pm.
    If you have a job that is hard to get away from during the day, we are more than happy to meet with you after work or on the weekends.
  • Third, we give you choices.
    Shower and tub units come in different styles and prices.
    Most companies give you just one price and one basic design.
    We offer different designs in different price ranges. I hear on a regular basis "I didn't think about." "Didn't know we could do that."
  • Fourth, price. We are very competitive with our pricing.
    Some are higher than us and some are lower, but our quality and our customer service are outstanding.
    I believe you should get more than you pay for.

  • Thinking outside the box is what we do at Cox Glass.
    That makes us the leader in the glass business for you to use in your home or business!